What the ancient art of tea leaf reading can tell you

What the ancient art of tea leaf reading can tell you

Whether you’re seeking insight into important life matters or a lighthearted, mystical experience to share with a group of friends, a tea leaf reading from Jeanette’s Psychic Boutique in Hamilton can provide both affirmation and surprises.

Loose leaf tea is used in this lovely, comforting ritual, also known as the ancient tradition of tasseomancy, or tasseography. As you drink your cup of tea, focus your intentions on the issues about which you’re seeking guidance and keep your mind open to possibilities.

Gifted European psychic Jeanette skillfully reads your tea leaves, interpreting the symbols and patterns before unlocking their meaning to help guide you.

We all have questions and problems, and sometimes feel uncertainty surrounding relationships or events. Having your tea leaves read provides a pathway to illuminate and explore the big, important topics such as finances, love, health and career.

It can help you gain clarity on issues and feel more confident about making decisions. It’s also a lot of fun and can leave you feeling refreshed and less burdened.

With more than 30 years of experience, Jeanette is a warm, intuitive reader and spiritual healer who also does tarot card, crystal ball, rune and palm readings. Let her help make sense of your past and present and remove doubts about your future with a personal reading.

For more information or to book a reading, call 905-549-0315. Psychic readings are available in person at the boutique, by phone or at a special event location. You can even have tea leaf readings done in the comfort of your own home for you and a group of friends. Readings are offered in Italian, in addition to English.

Jeanette’s Psychic Boutique is located at 1306 Barton Street East in Hamilton, Ontario, across from The Centre on Barton (formerly Centre Mall).