About Us

“I am an intuitive psychic of European background who has worked with people in need for over 30 years. My skills have been passed down through my family from ancient times. My goal is to help the people on my path to an informed future.”

I have the ability to offer tarot card and palm readings with a comprehensive understanding of numerology charts, spiritual healing and cleansing. I hope to make sense of your past, present and future as you walk through life’s journey.

Through Jeanette’s psychic ability she is able to assist you with any problems you may be going through, including business, family matters, health, relationships and marriage – just to name a few.

A Message From Jeanette

I am a gifted psychic who offers tarot cards, palm readings, rune readings, crystal ball readings and tea leaf readings. I also specialize in numerology charts, spiritual healing and cleansing.

It is my hope to help you live a more satisfying life by helping you make sense of the events that have occurred in your life, as well as reasons certain people have touched your life.

It is through my gift that I can see what surrounds you and help you find what you are searching for. I would be pleased to meet with you for a reading to help ease and heal your spirit.

Sincerely, Jeanette